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Important Notice for all TES Operators

Welcome to SPECTRAsc - Ofcom's online clearance tool for Transportable Earth Stations.

If you have any enquiries related to the operation of the tool, please use the following contact details:

During office hours (Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm): all enquiries must be referred to Ofcom's Spectrum Licensing Team. Tel: 020 7981 3131 or 0300 123 1000.

During out of office hours and bank holidays: all enquires must be referred to Ofcom, Baldock Monitoring Station, Tel: 01462 428 528.

Note: If you have any enquiries relating to an outstanding MoD Appeal, please use the 24Hr MoD contact number.

If you have problems with faxing ATC notifications to the relevant aerodrome or airport, please go to https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2023-06-15-AIRAC/html/index-en-GB.html and locate the appropriate telephone number to inform the ATC officer in charge of your intended transmission(s).