Ofcom Business Radio Licensing Service

Business Radio Online enables users to apply for a range of licences authorising the use of radio systems used to pass messages to, from or between mobile units as an aid to conducting business. Typical Business Radio users include taxi companies, factories, shopping centres, hospitals, and transport operators.

You are able to apply for and issue the following licence types immediately online by logging into the Online Licensing System.

  • Simple Site
  • Simple UK
  • Suppliers Light

Ofcom is unable to issue licences immediately or take payment via this application for the licence types listed below. Once your application has been processed, the Ofcom Spectrum Licensing Team will send you an invoice and, when payment has been received, issue a licence.

  • Technically Assigned
  • Area Defined

Details of what these licences cover is available in the guidance notes.

Business Radio online does not cater for the following scenarios, which will require the submission of a paper application form:

Technically Assigned licences if they have:

  • more than one base station;
  • more than one antenna;
  • one or more remote control points.

You may download a paper application form from the Ofcom website.

Once completed, the form should be sent to:

Spectrum Licensing
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

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