Checklist for Business Radio online applicants

Things you need to know to complete the application process


Do you know the type of licence you require?
If you are unsure what type of licence you require please refer to the guidance notes PDF Document.
If you are an existing customer?
You will need your customer reference number. You will find the number on your licence document.
If your company is a PLC
You are required to enter your company registration number.
If your organisation is a Charity
You are required to enter the charity registration number
If you are entering details for a partnership
You are required to enter the names of any partners who will hold the licence with you.


Type of base
You need to know the type of base you require. If you will be using an antenna choose base station. If you are using mobile to mobile choose operational area.
Station location
You will need the address and national grid reference of your station or centre point of your operational area.
Type of vector
You need to know the map squares or countries you wish to specify. You can choose a mixture of both. This information is required for Area Defined licences only. You are not required to enter base station or antenna details for Area Defined licences.
Antenna details.
If you are using a base station then you will be required to enter details such as erp, height and if applicable tilt, gain or direction.
Spectrum details
You must choose at least one frequency band although you may choose a second band in case we are not able to find you a suitable channel in your preferred band.
You can either enter the number of channels you require or enter specific frequencies. You will be required to notify us whether you will be using CTCSS/DCS or colour codes.
If you are using a trunked system then you will be required to enter the spacing between channels.
Review details
When you review the application details you can edit any details you have entered.

You can submit additional comments to the application before submitting the application to Ofcom.

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