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What do you mean by type of station?

There are two available choices, base station or operational area. A base station is a fixed radio transceiver connected to an antenna with which mobile radios communicate. An operational area is the term we use to refer to the area within which mobile radios communicate when no base station is used.

What is the Requested Service Area?

The area you wish to cover with your radio system stated in kilometres. For operational areas, the size of the requested service area is limited to 30km. For base stations, the size of the requested service area is limited to 100km.

What is a callsign for? What should I choose as my callsign?

In voice systems, callsigns are announced at the beginning of transmissions to enable identification of the user. This is especially useful in areas where frequencies are shared with other users. The callsign must not be more than 12 alphanumeric characters in length and should not be a place name.

What is mobile ERP?

The power output of the mobile radio. ERP is the abbreviation for Effective Radiated Power and is measured in watts.

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