Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to make an online payment, and where can I find it?

You will need to have your customer reference number and invoice number. This information is provided on your invoice.

Is the online payment tool a secure application?

Yes - Ofcom is using SagePay for payment card services. SagePay hold a PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance for security. Ofcom does not capture or store any card payment details; all such details will be processed and held by SagePay.

What card types can I use to make an online payment?

We accept the following card types:

We do not accept American Express cards.

Is there a maximum value of payments that can be made online?

Yes, the maximum payment that can be made using this method is £5,000.

My invoice is for more than £5,000. How can I make an alternative payment?

Ofcom accepts the following alternative methods of payment:

Do I have to pay a handling fee if I submit an online payment?

No, there will be no extra cost incurred by making an online payment.

Do I receive a discount if I pay online?

No, there are no discounts for online payments.

When will the payment be taken from my account?

This depends on your bank or credit/debit card issuer, but payment will normally be taken within 48 hours

How will my payment appear on my credit card/bank statement?

The description will state "Ofcom".

How will I know if my payment has been accepted or not?

Once you have submitted your payment, a message will appear on the screen stating whether the transaction has been authorised, or whether the payment has been declined.

Why was my credit/debit card declined by SagePay?

Please contact your bank or credit/debit card issuer, as we do not have access to these details.

I have made a payment in respect of a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence fee. When can I expect to receive the licence document or renewal confirmation letter?

We aim to issue this documentation within one working day after the payment has been processed.

Now that I have paid online, will payment automatically be taken by credit/debit card for future invoices?

No, we do not store your credit/debit card details on our systems.

Can I have a VAT Receipt for my online payment?

Your invoice states whether VAT is applicable but where it is applicable Ofcom do not provide VAT receipts.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be issued with a Renewal Confirmation letter if you are renewing an existing Wireless Telegraphy Act licence, or a copy of the licence document if you are applying for a new licence.

My licence is due for payment next month. Can I make an early payment online?

No, we will send an invoice to the payment contact at the start of the renewal month. You will need the invoice number provided on this document to make an online payment.

Can I make a part payment against my invoice?

No, Ofcom cannot accept a part payment online against an invoice.

You will need to contact either the OLC on 020 7981 3131 or 0300 123 1000 if the invoice number you are referring to begins with a '7' . If the invoice number begins with any other number then you need to contact Accounts Receivable on 0207 783 4930.

Can I make an online payment on behalf of someone else?

Yes, providing that you quote their customer reference and invoice number when submitting the payment.

My account has been debited twice for the same payment, what should I do?

You will need to contact your bank or credit/debit card issuer for assistance.

If I have an issue which I need to discuss with someone how can I contact you?

If your invoice number begins with a '7' then you can contact us by phone on 020 7981 3131 or 0300 123 1000.

If your invoice begins with any other number than '7' then you can contact us by phone on 0207 783 4930 or by email on